Locks of Love


In October 2012 I was lucky enough to have my short film script ‘Joy Flight’ selected as one of eleven films to be part of an anthology feature film produced by ScreenACT called ‘Locks of Love‘.  The selection of films was a competitive round coming at the end of a 4 day workshop run by the amazing Mel Coombes (producer of ‘Harvey Crumpet’ and ‘Max & Mary’).  The workshop in itself was a wonderful experience and then followed the amazing experience of actually directing my first publicly released dramatic film.

I can’t thank my hard working cast and crew enough – they were amazing, dedicated, professional and fun to work with. I’m looking at you

Jane Barrett, Michael O’Rourke, Travis Dom, Lucy Lovegrove, Rachel Lee, Sam Bartlett, Alison Oakleigh & Pete Lyon, Scott Wombey, Stephen Barker, Chrissie Shaw, Judith Peterson, Courtney Jonas, Jose Prabowo, Sarah Nathan-Truesdale, Fiona Hooton, Marji Curran, Joan Van Den Dungen, Nick Borely, Terry Griffith

And a special thanks to the film’s mentor Andrew Pike for his sage advise and never failing support for our small part in this film.

The feature film is premiering at the Canberra International film festival on 30 October 2014 with a wider release in late November.  Looking forward to seeing it on the big screen.

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