Anthology performance

ANTHOLOGY was a site specific theatrical journey through the vanished suburb of Westlake now known as Stirling Park. The site is Ngunawal land, Guru Bung Dhaura (Stony Ground) a traditional pathway, and from the 1920’s the site of one of the camps created to house the workers building the new city of Canberra. Tents and a hall were erected at Westlake followed by 61 temporary cottages, designed by architect HM Rolland and built in 1923, for married tradesmen, and their families, who came to Canberra to build the infrastructure for the new Federal Capital of Australia.

The audience were guided through Westlake, by a fictional descendant of HM Rolland, the remnants of a community were waiting to be discovered, fragments of hidden memories were glimpsed, shadow spaces inhabited by workers and their families were littered with broken conversations. A forgotten community was suspended in time, whispered stories were waiting to be heard.

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