PlusOne Productions is Megan Watson an independent writer/director/producer of short documentaries, films and campaign videos.

Megam is an independent filmmaker, screenwriter and photographer. She specialises in directing documentaries and short form narrative. Her work explores the interpersonal and connections of people to the landscape in which they live be that physical, emotional or intellectual. She looks at contemporary issues and the human condition through everyday events and historic influences thus tapping into the subliminal motivation and influences that form our characters.

Megan is currently exploring experimental documentary formats and the emotional effects of colour, light and movement in film. Influences include Len Lye, Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp.  In her spare time she’s also a photographer, a gallery of her images can be seen at

A writer of short fiction and poetry she has been published in a variety of anthologies and online publications including: First (University of Canberra), RMIT Twitter poetry (via Twitter), Poetry 4 U (RMIT Media and Communications) and Tangent (University of Sydney).

PlusOne Productions is based in Canberra.

Contact: megan.watson ‘at’